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    Samsung Rugged Phones

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    We specialize in providing rugged and ATEX phones, tablets, and a wide range of hardware to meet the needs of businesses

    Samsung Rugged Phones

    Local Maintenance and Repairs

    We handle all maintenance services locally for fast device turnover

    Rugged phones for business

    Customizable Enterprise Solutions

    We offer customized solutions depending on your enterprise needs through our software patners

  • Brands We Carry

    Samsung Rugged phones

    Get the Samsung Galaxy Xcover models

    Nomu Rugged phones

    Get Nomu V31D-Ex Zone 2/22

    VoicePing Rugged phones

    Get the VoicePing Teams Rugged Walkie Talkie Phone

  • Industries using Rugged Devices

    Companies use rugged phones and tablets for their durability and reliability in demanding environments. These devices can withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, and drops

    Rugged phones for logistics


    Logistics companies use rugged phones and rugged tablets for package tracking, route optimization, and real-time communication between couriers and dispatch centers

    Rugged phones for construction


    Construction companies use rugged phones and tablets to facilitate communication on construction sites, manage projects, and ensure safety compliance

    Rugged phones for field

    Field Services

    Utility and field service companies employ rugged phones for pipeline inspection, meter reading, and field maintenance

    Rugged phones for manufacturing


    Manufacturing companies use rugged phones in their manufacturing plants to ensure the efficiency of their manufacturing operations

    Rugged phones for oil and gas

    Oil and Gas

    Companies that operate in the oil and gas industgries use rugged Intrinsically Safe phones for operations in exploration, production, and maintenance in challenging environments.

    Rugged phones for mining


    Mining companies utilize rugged phones for communication and operational management in harsh mining environments.

    Rugged phones for security


    Security companies use rugged phones for outdoor patrols, adverse weather conditions, and physical impacts encountered during security operations.

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